Welcome to the co-evolving interfaces web!

We provide here all the data dicussed in our work:

"Conservation of coevolving protein interfaces bridges prokaryote–eukaryote homologies in the twilight zone"
by Juan Rodriguez-Rivas, Simone Marsili, David Juan and Alfonso Valencia.
Link to the article (PNAS, open access)

Downloadable data files

Different data sets are provided, each in a single *tar.gz compressed file. README files are included where the format of files are explained

Summary list of cases

Here we provide the list of cases as well as relevant information for each one of them:

Interfaces and co-evolutionary signals

Here it can be found the co-evolutionary signal and the distances in PDB 3D structures between any inter-domain pair of residues among other information:

Joint alignments

Joint alignment generated by our protocol. The joint alignments are the input for the statistal method that computes the co-evolutionary signals:

Precision by case

Precision and number of predictions for each case ("NA" when there are not predictions, i.e. not strong co-evolutionary have been detected):

Interface conservation and interface coupling

Data compiling the conservation of interfaces between prokaryotic and eukaryotic homologous complexes and the level of co-evolution detected (interface coupling) in each case:

Estimation of the number of human protein-protein interactions with prokaryotic sequences

Estimation of the number of human protein-protein interactions, starting from BioGrid interaction database, with structure, template and/or prokaryotic sequences

Evolutionary distances

Alignments, trees and evolutionary distances calculated from the trees (generated with IQ-TREE)